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ETA SMT Total Solutions Provider

ETA, a long-standing electronic equipment industry platform, has been continuously contributing to the global customer base in the field of electronics manufacturing since 1999. ETA company has excellent technical team and service team in surface mount technology (SMT), plug-in assembly (DIP), functional test (TEST), etc. in home appliances (Such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine), new energy (LED, Solar, new energy vehicles, automotive electronics, medical equipment, semiconductors, power electronics and other fields have many successful experiences.

Our products cover SMT equipment (smt line, stencil printer, SPI, pick and place machine, AOI, reflow oven, handling equipment), DIP equipment (plug-in line, wave soldering machine, assembly line, belt line), test equipment, packaging equipment, etc. .

Through the deepening of ETA's globalization strategy, we have helped more than 200 customers around the world to complete the entire industry chain from program design, production and construction, service training, etc. Our team and products have covered more than 150 countries all around the world and area.
While exporting ETA's nearly 30 years of technical experience to global customers, we continue to improve our R&D capabilities and production capabilities. Through investment and equity acquisitions, ETA has more than 15 member companies in China, forming a supply chain for the entire industry chain system.

In 2018, We helped clients plan to build more than 35 production workshops and train more than 100 technicians. In the next five years, our goal is to continue to focus on the electronics manufacturing industry, to provide more than 200 customers worldwide, and to provide more professional and active technical support and smt solutions for customers' manufacturing.

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