Basic equipment of SMT SMD Production Line

Basic equipment of SMT SMD Production Line


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There are 7 types of equipment commonly used in SMT production lines: PCB loader and unloader, solder paste printer, pick and place machine, SMT conveyor, reflow oven, SMT AOI, X-Ray Inspection machine.

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PCB loader and unloader: PCB storage device, so that PCB automatically enter the printing machine, saving labor.

Solder paste printer: The solder paste printing to the PCB board, automatic completion.

Pick and place machine: Mount component to PCB board.

SMT conveyor: Transport for PCB

Reflow oven: Welding PCB to make parts fixed.

SMT AOI: To inspect if there is faulty on finished PCBA board

X-ray Machine: BGA welding inspection.

 SMD Production Line Video

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