SMT Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

SMT Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

Multi-functional SMT production lineSMT assembly line, PCB assembly line from ETA SMT PCB assembly manufacturer.

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In recent years, "Industry 4.0" has become one of the hottest terms in manufacturing. As one of the topics of Industry 4.0 concept, intelligent SMT automated assembly is naturally also widely concerned in the electronics manufacturing industry.
The smart factory is the core element of Industry 4.0. In the smart factory, not only the individual equipment is required to be intelligent, but also all facilities, equipment and resources in the factory must be interconnected to meet the requirements of smart production and smart logistics. Through the Internet and other communication networks, all things inside and outside the factory are interconnected to form a new business model.
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SMT intelligent workshop, SMT production process flow mainly includes SMT automatic board loading machine, automatic solder paste printing, online 3D-SPI solder paste thickness detector, high-speed SMD parts placement machine, SMT multi-function placement machine, reflow soldering, online AOI Several important processes such as optical detectors and maintenance. The strict and precise execution of each process is the prerequisite for ensuring product quality. The full automation of the whole plant also includes advanced automation equipment such as AGV handling robots, intelligent packaging machines and production process equipment.

SMT is a surface assembly technology process that largely guarantees the product quality and accuracy of electronic products, and is an important production process that makes electronic products excellent in quality.

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