PCBA electronics pcb assembly line

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Bucket Conveyor
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Fire Resistant
Belt Conveyor
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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PCBA electronics pcb assembly line

led light assembly line,

electronics pcb assembly line


pcb assembly line eta-1 Details



1.  2.4 meters/section, each section can be configured for 3-4 station, motor Imported from Tai Wan 60 w with 1:50 tooth transmission system, electronic stepless speed regulation

2.The skeletons using 40 x 40 mm stainless steel materials, table plate use δ2 iron plate bending forming, beautiful and durable

3.Speed range :0.3 - 3m /min can be regulated ( automatic running)

4.PCB size : 50 -300mm available 

5.. The chain rail choose ETA special aluminum 51 * 56

6.Use nylon chain transmission, high precision, smooth transmission

7.Each section Equipped with  3 sets of A4 plastic document fixtures for  process procedure guide

8.One working place one power sockets

9. With W170 parts box connected to the move rail , convenient to insertion and  save Labor

10..Each section has two 30W tube lights ,, independent switch

11.Power supply 1φ 220VAC 50Hz

12.Steel surface :computer white paint .

PCBA electronics pcb assembly line 3

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 Shenzhen ETA Electronic Equipment Co. 5

1.Type: single belt ,opposite seats ( side seats ) (PDX)
2.Workers' seat: ( length of line accord to customer requirments ) 
3.Length for seat: 2000mm, total length 20m. (The length can accord to customer's
requirement. )
4.Total width for production line: belt width 400mm,working table width 400mm
5.Total height for production line: about 2000mm, working surface level, 720-750mm(adjustable).
6.Speed: 0.3-3m/min ( adjustable).
Packing: Wooden case.

 Ltd. 7

SMT Production Flow

For LED factory setup,we can do for you:

We provide full LED solution for you
We provide core technology with our equipments We provide the most professional tech service We have wealthy experience on LED factory setup We can solve any question about LED


SMT Line Design for 1200mm LED:

A:led line for 1200mm led pcb(semi-auto):

Semi-auto printer”P12”+conveyor+led mounter+conveyor+reflow oven”E8”+working table(size:12.3*2*1.65m)


pcb assembly line eta-1 Details 9


PCBA electronics pcb assembly line 11



For SMT factory setup,we can do for you:

1. We provide fulL SMT solution for you
2. We provide core technology with our equipments

3. We provide the most professional tech service
4. We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup

5. We can solve any question about SMT


SMT line design:

A:smt line for large pcb(semi-auto):

Semi-auto printer”P12”+conveyor+led mounter”SM482”+conveyor+reflow oven”E8”+working table(size:12.3*2*1.65m)

 High Quality pcb assembly line 13



B. lens line for 600mm led pcb(semi-auto):

Glue dispenser machine+conveyor+lens mounter+conveyor+IR oven+ working table (size:13*2*1.65m)

  High Quality pcb assembly line 15


C. Cost saving solution:

Semi Printer+conveyor+Glue dispenser machine+conveyor+lens mounter+conveyor+reflow oven+ working table (size:15*2*1.65m)

 Ltd. 17

REMARK: for led and lens,The deficiency is of poor flexibility

 PCBA electronics pcb assembly line 19

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Company Information

 ETA is the leading SMT factory solution provider in China ,offering professional SMT factory building advice and service.We have 22 years experience about SMT factories,offering full solution for global clients with our advantaged sources in China. Our core technology team members are all from Foxconn,Huawei,Siemens and other companies,we not only provide a full set of equipments,we also provide full smt technical support and services,Besides we give customers more reasonable and professional suggestions.We have already helped many customers to establish factories in LED, TV, Phone, DVB, EMS and other filed around the world ,we are worthy of trust!

Main Products:SMT LED Pick and Place Machine,SMT Reflow Soldering Machine,SMT LED Stencil Printer,SMT Production Line,LED Assembly Line,SMT LED Machine.

Successful Experience:
1.We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.
2.Training more than 500 experts and technician for customers.
3.Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packageing Details :    ETA wooden case or customised package

Delivery Details:       15 workingdays


1. The machine can be delivered by sea.
2. Please provide us your nearest port.
3. The delivery date is within 10-15 working days after the receipt of payment. If you are in urgent need of it,please kindly tell us.

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Shanny True


Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat:86-136 7012 4230



Email: etasmt @ foxmail.com

Skype: chinacss1


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