pcb insertion line attached with wave soldering machine

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ETA Wave Soldering Introduce


pcb insertion line attached with wave soldering machine

Products introduction:

C series lead-free wave soldering machine,after many years market testing, is ETA’s mature product, C series lead-free wave soldering machine has long-term positive feedback from customers. Its unparalleled heating performance and temperature control system meet the requirements of various welding processes, especially energy saving design has been a leading-edge product advantage, maximum reducing the using cost for customers.


1.Nozzle: Japan Kuroda Seiko nozzles, adjustable atomizing area, ensuring the long time spray uniformity and reliability.

2.Pneumatic components: Japan SMC pneumatic components and other import brands,ensuring gas supply accurate and steady.

3.Spray control: computer control or manually adjust switch, precise control the spray time, spray speed, economy and environmental protection, digital FLUX flow, spray flow, angle, density, width and other parameters can be recorded.

4.Cleaning device: automatic cleaning, modular design, easy maintenance.

5.Temperature Protection:ETA using third-party over-temperature protection, multiple protection layers to ensure safe operation.

6.Products comply with CE, CCC, UL and other standards and specifications.

7.User-friendly design: fault detection (such as heaters abnormal alarm, etc.), regular maintenance reminders,economy functions, emergency manual transmission function and tool-free maintenance, reduce equipment failure rates.

8.Heating module: horizontal reflow design makes each heating zones not influenced by adjacent zones to ensure accurate temperature curve, while ensuring high production capacity and heat exchange capacity, and achieve high adaptive capacity (to meet the soldering of automotive electronics, communications, electronics, computers and mobile phones, and other consumer electronics.).

9.Moving parts: Computer adjustment, stepper motor control, accuracy and stability, to ensure accurate spray.

10.Temperature control: PLC + PID independent temperature control, real-time monitoring preheat temperature.

11.Core components: using imported components to ensure long-term stability of equipment operation, reduced maintenance costs.

12.Customers can choose different configurations of flux processing system according to their own production characteristics, to ensure the furnace hall clean.

13.Closed-loop transmission speed control systems, transportation control accuracy ± 2mm / min, ensuring the transmission speed more stable.

14.Dross Collection: Automatic dross return channel,the most energy-efficient channel design, minimizing the amount of oxidation.

Control System

> PC control system with windows based control software.

>Lenovo Computer and Siemens PLC

Preheaters System—Patented Heating Plate

>4 independent heating modules (overall length:1.8m), each consists of patented

>Preheating zone with heating tube(3zone) and forced hot air convection(1zone) ensures the best flux activation temperature and activation time.

Distortion-free Conveyor System

>Chain type entrance guides.

>Enhanced titanium finger conveyor is of high elasticity and is distortion-free.

>The conveyor system is steady and safe with adjustable speed (100-2000mm/min).

>Automated finger cleaner ensures long finger life.

Spray Fluxer

>SMC cylinder(Stepper motor is option) driven spray fluxer for computer controlled model

>Specially designed air knife can prevent the flux from entering the preheating zone causing fire and remove excessive flux.

>Flux and air flow can be adjusted via the control panel.

Brand New Lead-free Solder Pot

>Brand new lead-free dual wave solder pot, temperature difference between the two waves is less than 30℃.

>Minimized solder oxidation, automated solder dross collection( patent technology).

>Optimized solderability for lead-free process.

Cooling System

>Standard Turbine blower.

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